January-February photo and home video roundup


Out to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Lovin’ those leopard print pajama onesies (but I had to let them grow on me) I love the sweet little sigh in this one.  Face plant.  He sure loves baths. The thing is…I was running a bath for Faith. I turned around for probably 20 seconds to take off Faith’s diaper and onesie and grab her baby tub….sigh. Notice that the

Why I’m here.

I don’t know that I’ve ever written about my thoughts on the purpose and heart of Humble Handmaid.  When it comes down to it, I want Humble Handmaid to do four things: 1. Give glory to God 2. Bless and encourage my readers by speaking truth in honesty and humility 3. Chronicle my family’s life and adventures (because God knows things haven’t been boring since

A Dance Party Day

Today has been one of those days that started out on the wrong foot, then put on a blindfold and started jumping through fiery hula hoops. All the while trying to vacuum up Goldfish my toddler threw across the table. Something like that. Not a terrible day in the Grand Scope of Eternity. Just a day to remind me to stay in perspective, put on

More baby love


Faith is almost 5 1/2 months old now. I can’t remember if I did this much silly baby talk with Gabriel when he was this age. I feel like I can’t talk to Faith in a normal voice. I think that’s because when I am around her or am holding her, I am constantly kissing and hugging her, so I can’t get much intelligent speech

This week


For Valentine’s Day, I took the reins and surprised Michael with a fun night out. My mom came to visit last weekend, so I asked her to babysit on Saturday night while we went out. We double-dated with our friends Steve and Julie. Julie and I took the guys to the gun range to shoot Steve’s new semi-automatic rifle. Then, we planned to take them

Thank God for Those Who Make Us Want to Pull Our Hair Out

I had the pleasure of attending another Opus Dei Evening of Reflection downtown last night, and one of the priests said something that really struck me: “When somebody irritates you or hurts you, don’t think, ‘I’m so irritated and hurt by this person!‘ Instead, think ‘This person sanctifies me.’” In their refreshing way, the Opus Dei priests brought this idea down to the practical level


Some of you may have noticed a joyful little status on my Facebook page this week about God’s generous and creative provision for my family. As promised, here’s the story. It’s not anything wild and crazy. But it’s definitely God-ly. An old friend of mine from high school who reads Humble Handmaid now recently moved to Houston, and she came to visit and brought me four