Best date ever.

When we were in New Orleans for Christmas, Michael and I rented motor scooters from a shop on Magazine Street and spent an entire afternoon zooming around the city together. We also got to meet up with some old friends, Frances and Sean, which was a treat! :)

When we first started dating, one of our first real dates was when we rented a motor scooter in the French Quarter and Michael took me around the city. I remember thinking, “I think I might marry this guy.” :)

My mouth hurt a little that night from laughing and smiling so much all day on the scooters. We had SUCH A GREAT TIME. You could fit two people on one scooter–and the Lord knows I am more than happy to be a passenger instead of a driver–but I knew Michael would have much more fun on his own bike, so I told him I’d ride my own. I was nervous, but I caught on very quickly and ended up having a blast. The scooters only went 40mph tops, and I couldn’t believe it when I started wishing they were a little bit faster a few times. We went to the French Quarter, Uptown, Downtown, City Park, St. Charles, the lakefront, Metaire–you name it. (Isn’t it amazing that you can go all of those places in New Orleans without having to go more than 40mph?)

When I first got on the bike and was pretty nervous about the whole thing, Michael said, “Baby, just own it” And you know what? That’s what I did. :) Trust me, if I can operate one of those things, I think almost anyone can do it.

Oh, those lovebirds. 
Starbucks break near Audobon Park
Why so serious?


On “the Fly” (park near Tulane/Loyola) 

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