Big smile and Big Blue

I stumbled upon a couple of fantastic garage sales this weekend, and had a great time shopping for Gabriel! We weren’t even going to get him any toys this year because he just got some at his birthday party, but I couldn’t pass up some great toys I found at garage sales I came across while walking in my neighborhood. All but one of the things I bought (or practically stole, they were such good deals) are probably a little ‘old’ for Gabriel level-wise right now. But in the long run, I’m so glad I bought them now, because he’ll love them later!

First, I found a large, like-new set of oversized Lego duplos. I also found a neat magnet toy for the refrigerator that you put each letter of the alphabet into and it says the name of the letter and sings a song about it (a friend of mine has the same one and her kids love it).

And then I found Big Blue, a rocking horse-type toy that my neighbor’s little girl almost didn’t let her dad sell to me when she saw him loading it into my trunk. Big Blue is a big blue plastic puppy with soft velvet ears and a place to sit on his back. I was able to placate Big Blue’s former owner by promising her that Gabriel and I would take very good care of him.

Meet Big Blue. 
I put Gabriel on him at the garage sale where we bought him and Gabriel immediately started giggling, so I knew I HAD to buy him. 
I’m actually not sure why Gabriel is brandishing his hairbrush in this photo. I think it was on the floor from earlier when Michael and I did a 2-minute Diaper Change Outfit Change Hair Brush with Water on It Get Ready for Church routine right before mass. 

Gabriel feeling Big Blue’s velvet ears. And still waving that hairbrush around. 

Just one of those big smiles he turns and gives me after doing something he’s proud of. In this case, it was pulling himself up to stand and look out the window in the living room. He’s pulling up on all kinds of things lately!
Gabriel is quite happy with my purchases this weekend, obviously. This boy loves getting up into my face, looking me in the eye, and spontaneously giving me Sweet Little Boy Hugs. He is definitely going through a My Mommy Is The Most Wonderful Person In The World phase. He actually whined and threw his arms out toward me at bedtime tonight, which is something of a first for him. Usually he isn’t picky about who is holding him, whether it’s me or Daddy or anyone else for that matter. 
Gotta love that smile! 

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    Great buys! I'm a garage sale junkie, too, particularly for kid stuff. We had Big Blue for my kids and he was awesome! I've also heard great stuff about those other toys you mentioned. What a successful shopping day!