Explosions. Part Two.

Since Gabriel got his vaccination shots yesterday, he has been feeling poorly (read: he’s been super-fussy all day.) For our quick trip to Babies ‘R Us today, I thought that snuggling Gabriel into the Maya wrap would be soothing for him. Usually he loves being carried around in it. 
Well, Gabriel didn’t calm down very much in the Maya wrap while we were in Babies ‘R Us. In fact, he cried almost the entire time. After grabbing a baby gift for a friend, I ran to the diaper aisle to pick up a refill pack of baby wipes. Just as I grabbed the wipes, Gabriel (appropriately enough) let out a rich, juicy fart loud enough to elicit snickers from the rest of the shoppers on the aisle. I, too, started laughing at my gaseous little bundle of joy. 
That is, until I put my hand underneath him to adjust the Maya wrap a little and my hand felt something warm and gooey dripping through the cloth. Oh yes. Gabriel had exploded out both sides of his diaper and was dripping through the Maya wrap. 
I paraded through the store to the checkout counter with my howling, poo-covered infant strapped and dripping for all to see right in front of me. The checkout clerk looked at me sympathetically and commented (loudly, since Gabriel was having a conniption), “Good thing they’re so cute!”
Once I finally made my escape back to the car, I realized that Gabriel had poo all over his onesie and all down his legs, too. Despite the help of a solitary burp cloth, I guess our car seat is now considered “broken in.” 

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  1. Anonymous says

    Totally been there. Thanks for reminding me how fun infant diapers can be. AHH! I kept an extra outfit for ME and HIM in the trunk when james was little. Just in case….

    Laura Buller

  2. says

    Wow, Erin! Sounds like you're really getting to experience all of the "lovely" things babies are capable of. lol. The clerk was right. It's a good thing they're so cute… :)