From Gabriel’s godfather:)

Adam Trufant, Gabriel’s godfather, emailed us this poem for Gabriel from Thailand, where he has been traveling this fall. I couldn’t help but share this with all of you…

Adam is the dapper guy in the bow tie on the right :)

 Tremendous Two’s!

Little brother, little one,
child growing in the Son,
in little ways does love begin,
little smiles, little friends.
Help these little loves to gather steam, 
let them bloom in joy and peace,
grow to the little man you’re meant to be,
Wild-Hearted, friendly, free!
And in your friendly freedom find,
the gift of giving heart and mind,
to help others in their lives
to have beauty, goodness, love divine!
Oh Yes! there is such room to grow!
Such laughs to laugh! Such friends to know!
You’ll find the things worth dreaming of,
are little things done with great love!
I pray my God-Son be a Godly man,
that his life be guided by God’s Hand,
So don’t be scared as you turn two!
Our prayers help angels walk with you.

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