House happiness

I know it’s been a while since my last post, but I have really good excuses!

1. We bought a house on Friday. 
2. I’ve been sick with a particularly evil and persistent nightmare of a cold for the last week. 

I promise to post pictures of the new house and first-time-homeowners (complete with $8,000 tax credit!) very soon. As soon as I feel like a human being again, that is.

At least Michael and Gabriel have lived up to their names and have been complete angels this week. I don’t think that five month olds are supposed to sleep this much, so I think it’s either Heaven or Gabriel blessing me with that one. :) And Michael has been taking good care of me, too.

We are so, so excited about our house! There is a lot more work that needs to be done than I realized, but at least it’s mostly just a new paint job (for everything in the house). In fact, Michael has lined up a few good friends to help us do a lot of the painting tomorrow.

Yes, that means that we closed on the house on Friday, picked out paint colors today, and will paint tomorrow. I understand that many people take days and weeks to pick out paint colors for their homes. Today, at some point, I just decided to stop sweating it on the colors. I think the ones we (I) chose will look great–there’s nothing too bold or daring in the color scheme anyway. (I say “I” because my husband is colorblind, by the way :) I was so thankful that our friends Angela and Tyler-Blair came over and gave us their extremely helpful input on colors. Thank God for good friends!

Well, now that I’m sounding about a hundred times more cheerful than my poor, coughing and sneezing body feels, it’s time for me to get a load of darks in the washer, pack more diapers for tomorrow, finish cleaning up the kitchen, and get into bed.

Actually, the getting into bed part is feeling like it might get pushed to the front of the list…

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