Indiana Jones, a leap of faith, and tiny miracles

Growing up, I always had a thing for the Indiana Jones movies. The Temple of Doom sort of creeps me out, I’ll admit, but Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is my favorite. Indiana is looking for the Holy Grail, and just before the climax of the movie he comes to a deep chasm that his map says he has to cross, although he can’t see a bridge anywhere. 
As you might guess, he must take a step out into the air–and right onto an invisible bridge.
If you know me personally or follow Humble Handmaid somewhat regularly, you know that my husband quit his engineering job at the beginning of the summer to run our business full-time. Since our business was not at the point where it could provide for our family, it has been a huge leap of faith for us. 
Just like Indiana Jones, however, God has provided for us with bridge of tiny miracles and blessings that we never saw coming. 
Of course we hoped He would provide for us when Michael quit his job. We told (and tell) each other over and over–“we have discerned as best we could that we are supposed to be doing this…God will provide for us.” But as we have lived it out these past few months, Michael and I have both been constantly awed and humbled by God’s abundance in providing for us.

I literally could write a small book detailing all the
you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me-this-could-only-be-God   coincidences and tiny miracles that God has worked in our lives this summer.
Just a very few examples…
We have had people drop off anonymous envelopes to us with enough cash to buy groceries for a month.

We got an anonymous check in the mail with enough money to pay a major medical bill the givers could not have known about.

We have had neighbors we barely know give us a swing set for the kids and a dozen boxes of children’s clothing.
We have several friends and new acquaintances who have proven to be timely, generous, knowledgeable mentors to us in every area we have needed advice and support for our business. 
A few months ago, someone gave us a couple of movie ticket vouchers they didn’t need, and Michael and I used them to go out and see a movie on my birthday, since we don’t have much of a gift budget this year. 
Speaking of dates, we have one client who sends a tip with his payment each month with a note to “to take your wife on a date.”
I’ve been surprised by grace in every sense of the word. I think that many of us think of ourselves as too average for God to choose to work miracles in our lives. I used to think that way. When we feel we are too average for miracles, though, maybe that’s a sign that we are letting ourselves stay content with mediocrity–or that we’re playing it safe by not taking a leap of faith we know we’re being called to.

I hope sharing about my family’s adventures this year gives you hope and faith to see God’s hand in your life and to trust Him even more.

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    How cool. When we were surprised with a pregnancy I told God He'd have to provide. Shortly later I was explaining to my spiritual director that we were pregnant but I was completely trusting God that He would provide. (We're pretty poor.) The priest actually had $500 cash that he was supposed to pass on to us – an anonymous donation for us. When I got home from the meeting our car insurance bill for $482 was in the mailbox. God is so generous He even gave us enough to take the family out for ice cream cones after we paid our bills!

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      Bonnie, thanks so very much for that story. We were not surprised by our precious third pregnancy, but we are paying out-of-pocket for this baby after having had amazing insurance for our first two children, and the bills are intimidating already. God has provided for us in almost the exact same way as you on several occasions:), but I definitely still struggle with worrying about money. Thanks for the encouragement!!:)

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    What an awesome post!! Talk about humbling. It is so hard to 'step out on faith.' I know I have a hard time with that. That is probably one of the hardest things that I struggle with. By the way, the Last Crusade was my favorite IJ movie too!

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    I LOVE hearing testimonies like this about how God works in people's lives :) He is so amazing, and I get butterflies when witnesses like this prove it!

    Thanks for sharing Erin!

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      I feel like you guys were one of those couples that we had heard had these "little miracles" happened to all the time. You and David were truly part of our discernment to do CrossCutt full time, because we saw how God worked in your lives when you said "yes" to circumstances He sent you that didn't seem like they would add up in the end. Thanks for being a witness to us. I'm sure you didn't know it! :)

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    This is incredible! What a great testimony! Your gifts of faith and writing are simply wonderful.

    p.s. I told Andrew that if he let me name one of our boys Henry (both times we were expecting), he could call him Indiana 😉