Some Good Listenin’: The Can’t Stop Jogging to It Edition

My friend and sister-in-law, Jenay, recently sent Michael and me a link to The Missionary Family, a website and podcast co-hosted by Genie Summers and her son, John Paul Summers. I haven’t listened to many podcasts before, but for some reason Jenay’s email really piqued my interested, and I downloaded several episodes (for free) from iTunes.

And loved them.

I think this podcast is helping me get into better shape spiritually AND physically. I have been trying to go jogging a couple of times a week with the kids, and I’ve started listening to a couple of episodes on my runs now. When I’m listening to a Missionary Family podcast, I get so engrossed in what they’re saying that I forget how long I’ve been running and how tired I am. The past few times I’ve gone running, I ended up running a good bit longer than I planned to. :) 
So much of what they talk about just meets me right where I am at in marriage, parenting and in my spiritual journey. John Paul is my age and has two young children as well, and a lot of what he shares–the struggles and the advice–resonates with me, challenges me, and definitely affirms me in what I’m trying so hard to do for God, for Michael and for my family. I wish the podcast and their ministry with it all the best! 

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