South Beach update

We had a great first week on South Beach! Michael lost about 8 pounds just in the first week!

I enjoyed trying out a few new recipes, and all of our dinners were delicious. Well, except for the disastrous cauliflower “mashed potatoes” I tried. Yuck yuck yuck!!!  I have been so proud of Michael–he’s been faithful, uncomplaining, and such a trooper. (And he’s thrilled to be at his lowest weight since way before our wedding!!)

Of course, both Michael and I did cheat a little this week. Me and Gabriel kind of a lot, of course :). As you know, Michael and I cheated at the Rockets game, and we also treated ourselves somewhat on Friday night, when we both got a kid’s cup of non-fat plain frozen yogurt at iYogurt, AND on Saturday night, when we went to a Houston Aeros game and Michael got a root beer and I got, well, some Very Overpriced, Highly-Fattening Sports Game Delicacies. (The baby was demanding it that night, what can I say? :) Plus I got a Dr. Pepper.

I hope you can see that I would not call myself “on South Beach” right now by any means. But when I am home with Michael, I try not to eat anything that he can’t eat–at least in front of him. And the breakfasts and dinners I cook for us are all South Beach-approved. The biggest change in my diet has been that I haven’t had as much sugar or as many carbs (definitely no “just because” chocolate chip cookie or brownie baking lately, like I usually do:), but I’ve still had my fair share of carbs, as well as normal/healthy portions of the foods that phase 1 has dieters avoiding (fruit, yogurt and milk being the two big ones)!

I just wanted to make all of that clear to any Concerned Folks out there. I am not on a diet, and Gabriel is not on a diet. I’ve had a few people both online and off voice their kind and thoughtful concern for me being on a diet of any kind while pregnant, and I’d love to allay any fears. :)

On to week 2 of South Beach! My menu this week includes some South-Beach friendly dishes I made up myself:
Feta and Red Bell Pepper Baked Chicken with salad
Nine Bean Soup with Crumbled Ground Sirloin and salad
Ground Sirloin Burgers with Steamed Broccoli
Baked Lemon-Parsley Tilapia with Peas and Parmesan-Garlic Cherry Tomatoes
Ground Sirloin Stuffed Baked Green Bell Peppers and Cannellini Bean Salad
Salsa Baked Chicken with Black Beans

(Note to self: Why exactly did I subconsciously capitalize all of the words of each dinner…?)

One last note, my mom doesn’t know it yet, but when I visit this weekend, I already picked out a chocolate chip cheesecake recipe we have to make together! :)

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